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A lot of things happened lately, and I haven't found a good time and mood to update here. I know it is not great, and I know you considered this blog "almost dead". I hope you understand, people. I become more and more busy. So much things, yet so little time to do those. If you want more updates of my life, you can catch me up on other sites like Twitter and Tumblr (1) (2).

So, our computer got reformatted, and because of it, all files are deleted. Too bad they put Adobe Photoshop 7.0 than Adobe Photoshop CS2, which I usually use, and is my best friend when it comes to graphic designing. It is okay for me, though. If someone would lend me the installer of the Adobe Photoshop CS2, it is a great blessing. I do not long for it too much though, and I am quite contented of the version I have now. I haven't even memorized the fonts and brushes I have downloaded before. Good thing I have remembered some and downloaded them once again. The files I really want to have or to be saved are the Tumblr and Blogger theme codes - those themes I have done. I felt like they were almost put into waste. Maybe I'll just create new ones when I have a free time. I do not want to think too much about it. It will just make me feel down.

Our school celebrated the Feast Day of our patron saint, Saint Benedict, last Saturday (even though the Feast Day is Sunday, July 11). Contests were held, and good thing our year level won in over-all. If you want to know more about it, click this and this. I have no pictures to upload because I haven't taken any pictures.

Sunday, I and one of my best friends watched Eclipse. I am not addicted to Twilight Saga, though. It's a form of bonding with my best friend. Then, we met another friend of ours, and decided to watch a horror movie at our house. I forgot the title of the movie, but all I can say is, the movie's corny and not-so-scary. Our friend just tried to shock us twice just to make us feel scared. We just had fun in that day.

Starting today, I'll try my best to be a better person - a better friend, a better classroom president, a better classmate, over-all, a better person. I just thought that I was mean these past few days, and before that attitude gets worse, I will try my best to make a move about it. I should be more responsible about myself, my section, and all. I should try my best to be nicer to other people. Uh, I do not know. Uh, what was I saying?!
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Hey, bloggers. Uh. So, there's no classes at Monday, so I decided to go Tumblr and after that, take a rest. Tuesday, unexpectedly, was the elections of the classroom officers. As much as possible, I want to be a secretary, and nothing else. I was the classroom secretary last school year, and napamahal na ako sa trabahong 'yon. So, I hope that I will be elected as secretary. But, what happened is different from what I wanted. I was elected as the classroom president. I was shocked, I really did not expect it. There are a number of reasons why I do not want to be a class president. First of all, as what I have said a while ago, I want the secretary position. Second, I do not imagine myself being a classroom president. I am talkative, I do a lot of failures, and my leadership is not as good as others. I think I'm not fitting for the position. Third, I just don't like it. Uh, sorry for being too choosy.

I was the one who led / held the nominations. I was nominated in the president position, and got a big amount of votes - which I have not expected. Now, I'm trying my best not to waste my classmates' trust. I will try my best to be responsible and lead my classmates well. Uh, wish me luck. I hope I will be able to do the job well. Maybe, this is also the chance to improve my leadership skills? IDK.
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Hello, bloggers. Our classes already started at June 7, and let me share to you those things about my first week. But, before that, the name of my section is II - St. Hunfrid, Sir Sol's advisory class. Our adviser is the prefect of activities of our school, so I think we're expected to behave properly. Uh, I hope we can enjoy the rest of the school year.

  • I, Thea, April and Kuya Joseph are classmates. My two bffs are in the other section, though.
  • Sir Sol's advisory class = needs to behave properly. Sir Sol knows me so he asks me to do this, to do that. Collecting and monitoring the homeworks every morning, collect this, collect that, read this, etc. I've already expected this, so it's not very surprising.
  • The first week is ... boring and quiet. Very quiet. Nakakabinging katahimikan. But, yesterday (Friday), the classroom got a bit noisier during lunch time.
  • I'm starting to appreciate the seat plan. Those three people are quite far from me, so I'm trying my best to reach them out and be a bit comfortable with my seatmate.
  • The school's stricter now, and it sickens me like hell.
  • Some of my classmates last school year (actually, most of them) are in the other section, and it seems like they're very happy there. I really miss them so much.
  • I was not able to go online in Tumblr for 5 days because of homeworks. I only have a chance to go online whenever I need to research or ask something.

I really do hope this school year will be nice and epic. Kthnxbye.
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    Hi, bloggers. It has been a while since I've updated. Sorry, guys. I do not have something interesting to blog about, and I do not feel great these past few days because of some reasons, but I think I'm okay now, so I decided to update. I will not talk about a particular topic in this blog post, just those random things I want to share.

    I won't discuss the whole thing why I do not feel great / alright these past few days. I just felt that I'm too dumb and stupid, and I also felt that I almost lost a friend - a good friend. But, the whole thing is okay now, and I will try my best to make my friends feel that I love them so much and I do not want to lose them. In life we make mistakes, and in those mistakes, we learn lessons. Maybe let's just learn from the past? Uh, I just want to be optimistic in some ways.

    Okay, enough of that talk. My friend invited me to her birthday celebration this coming June. Of course I'll come.  The good thing about this is seeing those friends I haven't seen month/s or weeks ago. I miss them so much and this is a chance of being with them, so why lose it?

    Two of my friends (both guys) came here yesterday. I just miss the feeling of being with them, only the three of us talking, laughing, and so much more. And one of them brought ice cream for me, and I really do appreciate him for doing that. Having a bonding with them is really a good thing. Uh, I'm smiling right now thinking of those 2 guys. Haha. I think I look like a crazy retard right now. We todd did!

    I've shared a Tumblr theme for the very first time. If you want to see the theme or have a preview of it, click here. If you want to download it, click here. And last, I got tagged by Vanesa. I won't be tagging anyone, so do it if you want to. You can see it here.

    Uh, those are all for now, guys. Sorry if you find this blog post boring. LOL.

    Edit: By the way, I got awards from Nice. I really do appreciate them. Thanks! :)

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    Made by me.
    Credits to Shabby Princess.

    Hi, bloggers. Happy mother's day to our moms. I did not buy any gift for her because I do not have a chance to go to the malls to buy a gift for her. Bawi na lang ako sa kanya next Mother's Day. By the way, here's my message for her (She won't be able to read this because she does not know this site, and I think she knows this.):

    Oh, hey mom. I'm sorry if I was not able to teach you how to check e-mails, or create a Facebook account.  I'm sorry if I'm hardheaded at most times. I'm sorry sa lahat ng nagawa kong hindi maganda sa'yo. Especially when I got mad sometimes (this happens rarely, I guess), or when I did something that offended you. I did not mean it. I regret those moments I've uttered the words I must have not said. Thank you for everything, for your love, your care, everything. I'm lucky to have you as my mom. I love you, Ma. I love you so much.

    So this one will be off-topic. I did a blogger skin yesterday and submitted it on Blogskins. It's because I'm really bored yesterday and I had nothing to do. If you want to view it, click here. And also, I'm finally done a "successful" Tumblr theme. The "Follow" and "Dashboard" thing does not appear on my previous work (the one I'm using in embeecee.tumblr). I applied the theme in this Tumblr account - mbc25.tumblr. This is where my deep sentiments will go. The page is still under construction,. I'll still use embeecee.tumblr, though. If you want to view the theme, you can go to the Tumblr page.

    And, oh, BTW. To those who wants a background of the book "The Puzzle Bark Tree" by Stephanie Gertler, here it is. This is the text at the back of the book:

    Grace Hammond Barnett's happy childhood memories are of times spent with Melanie, her younger sister, and Jemma, the family housekeeper who helped fill the void left by Grace's detached parents. Now a mother herself, Grace feels trapped in her marriage and haunted by dreams of drowning. Her only anchor is her cherished daughter, Kate. When her parents die suddenly, Grace is bequeathed a lakeside house she never knew existed. Leaving her city life, she travels to the house of refuge. Here, Grace meets Luke Keegan, who helps her unravel a devastating secret buried in her past. - The Puzzle Bark Tree

    I went swimming yesterday with my relatives. It is somehow a blast. And the good thing is, I haven't got my skin tanned much. And the cottage we took is great. I can't wait to go to school. My left shoulder aches whenever I move it. But it'll be okay without any treatment or whatsoever, I guess.